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Is Houston Texans QB DeShaun Watson the de facto number one?

The more you hear Houston Texans head coach Bill O’Brien speak the more it it sounds as if DeShaun Watson is closer to being number one on the depth chart than wearing a ballcap and carrying a clipboard. The rookie showed flashes of brilliance and of what could be should he take on the starting role.
Following last week’s 27-17 loss, O’Brien seemed to be more enthused about Watson’s play then about Savage’s resiliency. It appeared that despite two ineffective drives to open the game, Savage rallied to produce a touchdown drive on his final series. Watson took over from there.
Initially, O’Brien spoke about Watson doing 50 percent of what he was asked to do right and 50 percent wrong. After the Carolina game, O’Brien’s feelings were expressed as:

“I thought both of those guys had their moments where they were really playing well,” O’Brien said. “To me, it was a typical first preseason game. There was some good, some not so good [and] a lot to build on.”

In a matter of about 72 hours the tone has changed drastically according to Adam Wilson NFL writer. Wilson’s tweet on Saturday afternoon quoted O’Brien as saying;

Seems to get better every day. Got a good attitude, a good demeanor. He’s doing a really good job.

Savage doesn’t need to keep looking over his shoulder or does he?

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