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Week 3 College football Preview 2017

September 15, 2017
Houston, TX

Week 2 in college football was interesting to say the least. How many had Brandon Mayfield planting the OU flag at midfield in The Horseshoe or who beside this author had the upset pick of Geirgia over Notre Dame and didn’t I tell you not to pay attention to Penn state and Pittsburgh. Well here Week 3’s games to watch, one to stay away from and the upset special

Three games to watch

#3 Clemson at #14 Louisville
This is the game that could well determine how high Louisville QB Lamar Jackson goes in the 2018 draft. Jackson, on Mel Kiper’s Big Board, now has to show he’s more than just a great college football player and against a Clemson defense that features a number of potential NFLers, he will have that opportunity. If the Tigers are to hold off Jackson and the Cardinals, it will be one stop at a time. This should be the best game of the weekend.

Considering college football’s schedule even among the Top 25 teams there aren’t three games to watch unless you think Tennessee at Florida is worth your time.

Don’t bother watching

Army @ #8 Ohio State
Ohio state comes off an embarassing win at home and they don’t lose two in a row ever much less at home. The last time Ohio State had consecutive losses much less home losses was 2011. Add in the fact that Army, the worst passing team faces Ohio State the worst pass defense in FBS and well it adds up to a game not worth watchingface a team in the Buckeyes that are last in pass team.

Upset Special

Texas @ #4 USC
The Longhorns have Tom Herman and Texas has a pretty potent offense and an up and coming defense. Yes, the Texas “D” gave up 51 on opening day to Maryland but we have seen in Houston what Herman can do with a defense. USC like Texas puts up points by the bucket full so expect to see a shootout and don’t be surprised to see Texas knock off the Trojans.

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