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Houston Texans revoke credentials from Sports Radio 790 host

18 September 2017
Houston, Tx

Five days ago, a Houston Chronicle story by David Barron reported the revocation of the Houston Texans credentials from Sports Radio 790 talk show host Josh Innes and his producer Jim Mudd. It is heartening to see the Texans take such action.
Innes, in the article, acknowledged that he had not read the rules put forth by the Texans on their website and on the back of their credentials. The talk show host is no stranger to covering professional sports and his attempt to shift blame is an insult to those of us who follow the rules.
Most distressing about the actions of Innes and his producer is the fact that after being told in no uncertain terms to cease and desist they continued to attempt to circumvent the system.
This type of irreverence is Innes; modus operandi. Fired from WIP in Philadelphia, the sports talk host took little time in ripping into his former producer Spike Elskin as the reason behind his firing rather his always in your face controversial/adversarial demeanor.
He similarly did not have nice things to say about Rich Lord at KILT in Houston.
His lack of respect for his fellow man including the host he replaced at Sports Radio 790 Charlie Pallilo is his downfall and will be again one day.
Innes’ arrogance continued in a comment following this latest instance.
“When have partnerships ever stopped me from having fun, entertaining morning radio for people who like the show?” he said. “That is my objective, relationships be damned.”
Regardless of what Innes thinks or says no one is above the rules and the Houston Texans are to be applauded for enforcing their rules.

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