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Watson just the player to lead the Texans past the Patriots

The Houston Texans have had a difficult time beating Bill Belichick’s New England Patriots over the years however 2017 may just be the year they clear the hurdle. Not because they practiced with them this past summer or because they beat them in preseason but because they have a rookie quarterback who is the real deal.
Houston mad the move this year to get their franchise quarterback, something that’s been lacking not just the past four years but since the organization’s inception. Under O’Brien’s leadership, the Texans have gone through nine different signal callers since 2014 however in 2017 they have a signal caller whose quiet confidence belies his inexperience and his age.
DeShaun Watson talks the talk and can walk the walk. No brag, just fact as Walter Brennan used to say in the old western tv show The Guns of Will Sonnett. Watson came into camp knowing the he was a rookie in the National Football League and never once demanding he be number one. Instead he set out to earn the title of starter.
“Coming in in the spring, my head was all over the place,” said Watson in the lead up to the Texans/Patriots match-up on Sunday. “Didn’t know what was going on. But each day I just tried to strive and get one percent better. I’ve always had that mentality, regardless of the success and all the adversity I’ve been through, I’ve always tried to get one percent better in my game. Whether it’s my fundamentals, whether it’s mental, on and off the field. Each day I just try to find something I can work on to try to perfect my craft.”
Playing behind an inexperienced line puts even more pressure has been placed upon the rookie to deliver after being thrust into the starting spotlight 30 minutes into the first game of 2017. On Thursday night,that rookie led the Texans to a road win against the Cincinnati Bengals not so much with his arm but with his legs, a 49 yard touchdown dissecting run to be exact. It’s his legs that will give Houston the edge on Sunday. The Patriots have had difficulty stopping mobile quarterbacks particularly one Colin Kapernick a few years back. Belichick may have described Watson’s legs the best saying in a telephone conference call on Wednesday “We also have to do a good job of containing him and do a good job of tackling him because he’s a tough guy to get down when he runs. He’s not running to slide. He’s running to gain yardage, so that will be a big challenge for us.”
Watson is a confident young quarterback who has played in the biggest games college football has had to offer and he has excelled on the biggest stage. Facing the Patriots for Watson is similar to facing Alabama and in his mind there is nothing to stop him from defeating New England the same as he did The Tide this past January.
“Football is football” finished Watson. “Everyone loves it. This is what I love to do. I mean, it’s no different than playing little league. All it is is more people watching, and of course, guys are bigger and faster, smarter, but at the same time, it’s still football.”

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